T.O.M. is an alternative Rock band from the south of Spain with a funny mix of influences.

T.O.M. live @ Tribute to John Lennon in Atarfe (Granada) 2013
T.O.M. live @ Tribute to John Lennon in Atarfe (Granada) 2013

T.O.M. (The Organized Misuse) was founded by the prolific songwriter Tom Kron as a One-Man-Band. His music has been influenced by a variety of music styles and musicians, to whom he plays tribute to in many of his strikingly powerful songs. In 2007, the versatile guitarist Jan Pohl joined the band adding his enthusiasm, musical talent and influences. In 2011, Peter Biely, professional violinist of the Orchestra Ciudad de Granada, added his fire and talent on violin and mandolin, along with the naturally talented Javi López on bass, and the multitalented Dr. Jan Hendrikxs on drums. These three new additions have brought T.O.M. to a new level of musical interpretation, excitement and professionalism. Above all, the versatile, energetic band T.O.M. is a light-hearted group of incredibly talented friends who put on a great, energetic and powerful show.

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Fantástico!! Genial! El video es impresionante🤩 canción muy chula😎



Amazing, both voices  (on 'Dark Zone unplugged and accompanied')


Liz Davinci

Excellent video work and I already mentioned that I love the song.  What a nice collaboration!!  (on 'Dark Zone unplugged and accompanied')


Mix Tape Radio International‎ 

Man we have some kick-ass musicians on MTRI listening to T.O.M - Walk Right Through That Door.



beautiful music......


 Frontline and the Brotherhood of Sound 

"The Carnival Of The Poor" has a cool dark vibe very cool



Fantastic energy!



Great singing and songwriting!



Enjoyed your music, cool songs and a good voice. PEACE ;@)


Stafford.T. Moonglass

Great music


Deep SilverBlues

I hear many potential in your music!!! Happy greetz from Germany!!! :O)


Kenny Sawyer Songs

Hi T.O.M. digging your set list very much:) You have a great sound & style going on! Solid vocals and powerful songwriting too. Best of luck, Kenny


Puerto Holográfico

I enjoy your unique style! Adelante!!


Craig World

You all occupy your unique space and you do it well! 


MTB Studios Rick W

Really enjoyed the feel, flow and arrangements on all the tracks ,,9x8 Das Model were 2 of my many favs Best of luck with all your future projects Take Care Rick W MTB Studios


Frontline and the Brotherhood of Sound

"The Carnival of the Poor" is a cool track............Peace......Frontline


Mark Alexander Carroll

T.O.M., Great production and passion.Gritty and doing who you are. Keep up the good work and All the Best in you current and future endeavors my new Musical Friend. 



Really unique Style! I Love it! Thanks!


GABRIELA LEAL( Emma Navarro )

My Friend I came to your page and you music is amazing Gracias amigo esta musica esta preciosa wow en verdad me encanta felicidades por tu talento



Hey Guys, I loved the track The Carnival of the Poor! 

Very interesting and theatrical arrangement !


BlueStar ~ Aloisa/Russom

Hey T.O.M.....Outstanding Music,


Tim Stark

Jammin' with the orchestra, BAD A$$! Totally dug it!!!



Original and unique. I love it!



Hooked right from 0:01..Great music- Keep Rockin' guys! 



Original and great sound! 




Andrew Neil

Love your song "Carnival of the Poor".


Patricia Bishop and Collaborators

Hello T.O.M., I listened to The Carnival of the Poor this morning.... very well written and performed... I will be back to listen to more of your songs.....



..yes!..intelligent and clever music performed very well indeed...cheers!


Helena Davison

Very Good Music 

Intriging your different !! 



The DreamingPanthers

From one DIY guy to another, my hat is off my friend                                                                                                                      

Tracy Morris

I like the arpeggiated chords in "Carnival of the Poor". Juxtaposed with your rough voice and the tambourine perfectly match the lyrics.



I'm stopping in for some of your beautiful music - tonight it is "Hey Oh!". I love the atmosphere of your songs and this is no exception - not to mention awesome guitar playing. Great work! Schöne Grüße, Elizabeth


The Robots from Mars

You have an interesting vocal and instrumental style. Nice mix of players. You have a unique group sound. Great balance and song writing skills. I am a robot


Kon Tiki

True storytellers, unique style


Oxaï Roura

Nice Music Full Of Integrity !


Michael Joachim

Great sound, nice groove!


The Darkitect

great intellectual music. there isnt enough of it in our world, pushing the limits on the sonic super highway. 


Leo K.

just stopped by - TRIBUTE TO NEIL made my day - fantastic song - best regards from Vienna!


Angry Knights

Your music is awesome. Rock on! :)



Carnival of the poor is a cool track! 




Kate Newgard

I love your unique gritty outside the box sounds! Awesome 👏 


Extreme Dream

solid vocals, good music, musicianship and sound. listening to the Top six songs today and enjoying all plays today...…………...Tony


Fernando Garcin

The Carnival os the poor is a great song, great vocals and music, and fantastic lyrics


Ed Bogan

Carnival of The Poor - Love this gritty ballad with so many roots in traditional folk!


John Hulme

Cool original, song ('Carnival of the poor') 

captivating vocal style.


Comfortable Cats

" The Carnival of the Poor " 

Every now and then I truly hear a song that I thoroughly thoroughly enjoy and this was one of them!!! 

unique different and a great sound 

Brilliant Good Luck Tony


Rollie Rolls

this isnt a crime is a great tune!


lee branden and the black harness

Great and unique sound. I'm reminded of Tom Waits when listening to you . Wonderful !!!!



Music reminds me of THE DOORS with violin. Really interesting vocal has a rustic character and soulful sound. Awesome creative energy and musicianship. Well done! Cheers


louis lebeck

great style well done music glad to be a fan


Maggie Laird

Really creative stuff!



Bluesy and Deep voice. Bst for U.


United Duality

Hi Jungs! Echt cool, was ich bisher gehört hab! Macht Spaß zuzuhören und ich komme auf jeden Fall wieder, denn ich bin erst bis London Town gekommen... Na ja, und das mit Tom Waits hat Adam schon vorweggenommen! 


Adam Nicholson

It's one thing you're influenced by Tom Waits (I love Tom Waits) but another when you genuinely sound like him so much to the extent you 'own it' and I think he'd be flattered! Great tunes to back it up and the fiddle playing is a superb touch!


Stephanie Alexandria

"This Isn't a Crime" is awesome! Love the music and I love how the vocals fit right in! Great! -Steph A


Colleen Morrow

Enjoying stopping by to listen to your music. I'm a new fan Cheers!


James Kiser

Music for the soul and the mind. Enjoyed your tracks.



Enjoyin this, cool vocs, varied music, thanks


Russ Downs

Very thought provoking lyrics! Great contemporary classic rock!


VALERYAN (Valery Ann)

Carnival of the Poor ... great lyrics and feel here



Cool! Tribute to Neil is my fave! 




Tomorrow Bird

Great stuff guys! Loved Tribute to Neil :



Now here's a real group..


Nicolas Lovero

Great sound. J'aime beaucoup le violon.



Really interesting! Great violin! Thanks!


Fiona MacMahon

Playing our mid-week favorites, always a pleasure :)



That isn't a crime is a thing, cool one.


Global Rent

This isn't a crime is cool


Extreme Dream

stopping by to show some support. solid vocals, tight musicianship and sound here. today's listens: Mr Robinson through Shine On Me. so enjoying all song plays today.................Tony


Serious-Music Germany

Your music is inspiration for me. Super instrumentation. Perfect my friends.


Regal Hardware

Really original and fun! music. aT.O.M.ic


Lola Brinton songwriter

Love the difference. Rock on. Sincerely Lola


UniSon * David A. Planas *

Hola, buena música y excelente trabajo!! 

Saludos & best wishes, 

David ♪♪♫



Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ"LONDON TOWN" CATCHY MAKES ME WANT 2 DANCE !!!!♥.·*¨¨*:·.♥ {^◕‿◕^MISS "C"!!!! Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ


Spooky Kool

Love the nine count in "This Isn't A Crime."


Fernando Garcin

Great musical work and vocals! I Want You To Be My... is fantastic


TheFiddlah from LOGIC

some awesome material here... * 


Serious-Music Germany

Supergood music here. I am listening to some of your tracks. Like it much.


Eric Degenaar

This band is one of the nice surprises you can find on Reverbnation. I love it !!!

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  • #17

    Francesca (Thursday, 09 April 2020 17:39)

    Are you kidding me?! Pure energy music and terrific presence on stage. Have you ever been in Vienna? If not, I hope you will- after the crazy times-
    I love it, you are all amazing.

  • #16

    Ant G (Tuesday, 07 April 2020 01:04)

    I like the band but a fiddler jamin in a band like that is an extra treat. they bring it alright.

  • #15

    Marky (Wednesday, 19 February 2020 00:22)

    Awesome Tune Tom��....A great version...Love that guitar and your rough vocals....Pure Rock n Roll Brother....Really high energy....Your definitely one of my favorite singers...That's pure passion...Rock On!!����������� (on 'Never Stop The Rock' original Version)

  • #14

    Em (Tuesday, 05 November 2019 01:14)

    'The Carnival of the Poor': Such a beautiful haunting vibe in this amazing song!!

  • #13

    Robert Horne (Wednesday, 08 August 2018 23:29)

    The Carnival of the Poor ... Great story, attention grabbing, I am waiting for the movie. :)

  • #12

    Jenn (Wednesday, 08 August 2018 23:24)

    Rock on Tom! Rock On!

  • #11

    elizabeth (Wednesday, 08 August 2018 23:19)

    I am listening to The Carnival of the Poor and it is really beautiful. The atmosphere reminds me of some Mexican music I have heard and really liked in my life. But I like the unique way you vocalize - very cool.

  • #10

    Mattie (Thursday, 02 August 2018 22:10)

    Brilliant dynamic music with an awesome sound.

  • #9

    Fortune (Friday, 27 July 2018 02:12)

    Your music sounds like an unpolished diamond

  • #8

    Jordan Danielsen (Friday, 20 July 2018 22:17)

    Love your live sound recording. Nothing like the sound of an awesome drunken night! Keep up the good work and good luck on your musical journey!

  • #7

    Greg Leatherman (Wednesday, 30 May 2018 22:10)

    Extremely original, out of the box, like a beatnik transported to the 21st Century thru a bottle of ice cold whisky.

  • #6

    Emma Ringer (Wednesday, 30 May 2018 21:59)

    Love your stuff! It kinda feels like blues but takes you away to a whole new place. You guys got a sound of your own!

  • #5

    Delaney (Thursday, 03 May 2018 20:37)

    Having a ball listening to your music. Even though a ballad..I love "Dolly Don't Cry"...it's very good.

  • #4

    Tony (Monday, 16 April 2018 23:10)

    solid vocals [kinda Tom Waits]. good sound, musicianship and vibes. loving the violin.

  • #3

    Kyle (Thursday, 29 March 2018 23:07)

    I want you to be my ... This is sick. what an awesome voice!

  • #2

    Astrud (Wednesday, 28 March 2018 20:41)

    Wonderful music <3

  • #1

    Fergus (Saturday, 17 March 2018 14:28)

    Just discovered this band. "Incredibly talented" is getting short for these guys! Love'em